Total Warrior – Pete Stubbs

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Total Warrior – Pete Stubbs

There’s now left than a month to go until our Total Warrior run in aid of Trinity Hospice (ahhhhh!), and things are getting quite real now. We’ve asked all the guys to answer a few questions about their training and their biggest fears, and who better to start with than our trusty CEO, Pete Stubbs? •

There’s little under a month now to prepare for Total Warrior, what does your training regime look like at the minute?

Mainly strength conditioning.

Has your routine changed massively from what you did before?

Definitely! I didn’t do anything except for the odd bike ride prior to this. Pretty exhausting stuff!

What obstacle are you most looking forward to?

The electric shocker! I want to know what it feels like and how strong it is!

What obstacle could you do without?

Electric shocker again, because if it’s as strong as someone told me it is then it’ll be horrible.

Why the hell are you doing this?

Push the limits, lead my team to make them think and work toward a goal, and to honor Kieran Gorman.

How good does that beer sound?

I can taste that beer already. Nectar mixed with occasional grit from the mud dripping down you face! Lovely!

We’re now just £100 away from our £500 target, which is not a lot at all! If you’d like to help us make that final stretch, please consider donating to our Just Giving page. We’re trying to raise some money for the hard working staff at Trinity Hospice, and it would be ace if we could give them more than £500!

Because why else would we put ourselves through this?!

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