Total Warrior – Daryl Brunsden

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Total Warrior – Daryl Brunsden

Daryl is arguably the most athletic of the 2am bunch, but that doesn’t mean Total Warrior’s going to be easy! Armed with a bucketful of willpower and a shiny new Trinity Hospice t-shirt, he’s been hard at work training for our 10K event in just three days’ time • 

There’s just three days left until our Total Warrior run, and we can all honestly say it’s snuck up on us quicker than we anticipated. The tickets have arrived, waivers have been signed, and the awesome guys at Trinity Hospice & Palliative Care Services have provided us with some bright white t-shirts, which are going to be covered in mud in about three seconds!

And why have Trinity been kind enough to donate some shirts? Because we’re doing all this to give them some cash back, for all the times they have helped our friends, families and loved ones.

We’re happy to say we’ve reached our £500 target, but we’re not slowing down. Please visit our Just Giving page; anything you can give would be massively appreciated.

But without further ado, let’s see what Daryl’s up to!


What does your Total Warrior training regime look like?

Well a normal week consists of two games of 5 a-side and a basketball fixture/training so I’m hoping this will be enough as it’s pretty intense.

Has your routine changed massively from what you did before?


What obstacle are you most looking forward to?

The massive slip and slide because it looks mega fun!

What obstacle could you do without?

The electric shock dangly things. I once got electrocuted by Rachel’s hair dryer; her mum had attempted to repair it but left the bare wires on show. That’s 250 volts I’ll never forget!

Why the hell are you doing this?

To have a good laugh with friends but more importantly to raise some money for the hospice that cared for Kieran, who was a good friend of everyone at 2am.

How good does that beer sound?

Not very, I hate Fosters…I might smuggle a Blue Moon in (with orange slice).

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