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The Villa Italian Website

As a restaurant who pride themselves on the quality of their authentic Italian cuisine above all else, we built an easy-to-navigate website on the WordPress platform that placed The Villa Italian’s perfectly crafted menu front and centre •

The Villa Italian is known throughout the North West for its high quality food and dedication to the restaurant’s Mediterranean roots. With a website that was looking old and tired, 2am created something new that would match the standards of their service.

The main reason to visit a restaurant’s site is to see what’s on the menu, so instead of obscuring this important feature we placed it prominently at the top of the vertical scrolling brochure website. With plenty of high quality images depicting both the incredible range of food on offer and the attractive look of the establishment itself, we were sure that potential customers wouldn’t be able to resist a visit.


In addition to necessary content such as contact details and opening times, we chose to focus on what we saw as a huge selling point their commitment to locally sourced produce. Each supplier is highlighted in the local produce section of the site, emphasising the restaurant’s preference for independent, North West businesses. On the back end, we have made the site simple to update with the WordPress platform. This extremely user friendly content management system makes things like adding new offers to the sidebar a doddle whether you’re computer savvy or not.

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