SEO in 2014: The Need for High Quality Content

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SEO in 2014: The Need for High Quality Content

2014 has been a wild year (relatively speaking) for SEO. With huge updates changing how search results are ranked and displayed, 2am’s content team have had to adapt with the times to keep our clients on Google’s first page •

A lot changes in a year, technologically speaking, and this is especially true for search engine optimisation. Google and its search engine kin are always working to perfect the art (or some would say science) of the humble results page, striving to give users the most accurate, relevant and best results for any given search.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to look back at some of the updates Google has made to the SEO landscape, and how businesses can navigate and take advantages of these changes.

Panda 4.0

Google’s Panda is a series of search engine algorithms that focuses on boosting websites with high quality content to the top of search results, while penalising sites with poor quality or duplicate content.

May of this year brought with it the fourth full iteration of Panda, with a greater focus on and capability for promoting good content. For your business to get to the top of Google’s hallowed first page, and stay there, there are four key things you must do with your site.

Create Top Notch Content

To put it simply, your website should always contain good, solid content. That means unique, interesting copy that your visitors actually want to read and attractive images to attract them in the first place. But the cardinal sin of SEO is creating multiple pages with duplicate copy. Rather than boosting your ranking because you have so many pages filled with keywords, Google has wised up and will just punish your site because of it.

Write Your Copy for a Human, Not a Search Engine

When anyone starts to learn about SEO, one of the first mistakes they make is overstuffing every sentence, title tag and meta description with keywords. Although this seems like a sound strategy on paper, Panda 4.0 makes this strategy useless. Google rewards content that reads well to a real person and, more importantly, your actual page visitors will prefer it as well.

Don’t Leave Your Readership Hanging Around

Time is precious in the web space; even a few seconds can make a difference between a user delving into your website and going elsewhere. It’s really important for your site to load up quickly so that visitors don’t have an excuse to leave, and it should be super easy to navigate as well. If there are any broken links, gets them cleaned up ASAP!

Make People Want to Come Back

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to really engage your audience. Really good content will not only attract repeat visitors, but will also make them tell their friends and share it on social media. So keep regularly updating your site with updates such as blog posts. Google will love it!

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