Ryan’s 10K Practice Run

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Ryan’s 10K Practice Run

For some crazy reason, the team at 2am have decided to take part in Total Warrior this summer, a 10K obstacle course in The Lakes. Everyone’s doing their bit to train for the event, but our resident copywriter, Ryan, has come into the office a little worse for wear this morning •

I managed to clamber out of bed, get to work, climb up a mountain of stairs and make it to my desk this morning. I’m not getting up again until 5 o’clock.

You see, I’ve been training for Total Warrior, a 10 kilometre off road run peppered with obstacles. And I’m not just talking a few hurdles (although there are some hurdles as well); I’m talking jumping over fire, crawling through claustrophobic tunnels and running soaking wet through electrical wires yes, really.

We’re all doing it all in aid of Trinity Hospice, a healthcare provider that has touched the lives of so many people in Blackpool, the Fylde and Wyre. Our colleague and friend, Kieran, was taken care of at Trinity for the last few weeks of his life in October of last year, and we couldn’t be more grateful for everything the staff did for him.

The hospice receives no government funding at all, so their huge running costs are covered by generous donations from people like you and me. That’s why we’re tightening our laces and going for gold this summer. You can help out by donating to 2am’s Just Giving page.

Me, looking sweaty and knackered, on the right.

Me with great hair on the right, looking sweaty and knackered.

Anyway, as part of my training, I thought I’d enter a 10K closer to home to see how I’d do. My friends, Carl and Michelle, are a bit fitness mad and they were doing a 10K beach run on Sunday 10th May. That sounded all right, how hard could it be?

Let me tell you, it’s was incredibly difficult. We ran from the Solaris Centre in South Shore to St Annes Pier, and back, on wet, uneven sand. There were a few times when I thought I wouldn’t be able to get to the end or would have to slow down, especially after the halfway mark, but I’m proud to say I managed it in 58:25!

I’m really happy with myself, and I’ll probably squeeze another one in before the big event now that I know I can, but crikey, I am sore! It’s all about ice packs and deep heat rub for the next couple of days.

My thighs are killing me and I’ve had to stop eating cake; please don’t make me do it all for nothing. Contributing anything at all could help us reach our target of £500, and we’re already 39% of the way there!

Please visit our Just Giving Page and donate now, so thousands more can benefit from Trinity’s excellent work.

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