NHS Sexual Health Awareness Campaign

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NHS Sexual Health Awareness Campaign

Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed STI in the UK, so it was no surprise when NHS Blackpool wanted us to come up with an awareness campaign that would encourage young people to get tested and stop the infection in its tracks.

Brief Encounter

The biggest challenge with this NHS campaign was communicating the message inoffensively and without embarrassment. We took the idea of Chlamydia screenings and linked this with film screenings to come up with a fun, informative and instructional concept that would convince people aged 18–24 to get tested.


Risky Business

We used common cinematic marketing tropes to get our point across, including film poster-style posters and a faux film trailer. The message across all media was that Chlamydia was not a drama (or a horror story) because it’s simple to test for and easy to treat. We tied the campaign to film even further by offering free cinema tickets to those who get themselves tested.

Do the Right Thing

iPhone App

Another hook for the campaign was the creation of an app, available for free for those who are tested. This fun quiz further hammered home the movie theme by allowing users to answer questions and find out which famous film character they are most like.

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