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Product Photography

How effective is a website without spectacular photography? Not very, in 2am’s opinion. We handle all aspects of product photography for our clients so their offerings can be seen by potential customers in their full glory.

A Product Photo Speaks a Thousand Words

Too often, websites are passed by because their images aren’t up to scratch. It doesn’t even matter if the product is exactly what the visitor was looking for. That’s why 2am puts special focus on conceiving a creative concept for your product photography, capturing all of your products in their best light and utilising them on your website in a way that will get your brand noticed.

Product Photography on a Range of Scales

Whether you need a simple, clean shot that we can snap at home or your campaign warrants a location shoot in the Bahamas, 2am can get you the photography your website needs to shine above your competitors. Not only that, we’re well versed in smoothing any bumps that could occur during setup and execution of a shoot. You’ll get full support in planning your product photoshoot, if you require it!

We provide photography for online and offline activity—marketing, design, editorial and much more. Having been in business for over two decades, we’ve advanced our photography capabilities year-on-year in accordance with every significant digital development.

2am eliminates the need for you to source both a fabulous photographer and a superb studio—we’re can handle it all! Don’t hinder your sales by settling for frightfully composed photographs captured on an ancient Nokia. Have a look at our branding portfolio to see the fantastic quality of imagery you can expect from 2am.

If you want your product or service to dazzle the masses on screen or in print, drop us an email at Go on—it’s time for your close up!

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