Professional Copywriting

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Professional Copywriting

Before they joined 2am, our copywriters used to spend their days toiling away in a dark room, surviving mainly on coffee and Haribo. But we managed to tempt them to our corner of the industry with a load of misspelt words and unrevised fragments and they haven’t looked back since.

Copywriting Across All Media & Platforms

Just like their brethren (and sistren?) in the design and development teams, our copywriters can work with you at all stages of the process. Whether that’s developing a killer strapline for your new brand; researching and formulating the entire copy for your website; creating creative brochure and poster copy to get the punters in; or by writing and distributing imaginative content to relevant magazines and newspapers in the form of a newsworthy press release, a creative editorial or a custom-designed advertorial.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For us, SEO isn’t an afterthought, it’s baked into your website from day one. We’ll design and build it with search engines in mind, ensuring your pages rank for the keywords you want, but without it sounding overstuffed and unnatural—a careful balancing act, we’re sure you’ll agree!

When it comes to search engine optimisation, we don’t like to use underhand tactics than can potentially damage your brand. Instead, we carry out in-depth keyword research and analysis and weave key terms into creatively written copy. Anyone can stuff a bunch of keywords into a web page, but it takes someone with a keen eye and a keener vocabulary to make it sound good to your customers.

We utilise a fluid range of interlinked strategies to make sure your business continues to rank highly, from incorporating key search terms in the website copy and image tags, to regularly reviewing copy based on changes in your industry, and putting in place a comprehensive posting schedule so that your website always stays fresh and updated nicely for Google and its kin.

Make a Connection

If you need a little helping hand with your creative copy, please contact us today! It’ll be awesomesauce (N.B. Our copywriters won’t use words like awesomesauce or amazeballs unless you really, really, really want them to).

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