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Email Marketing

The ‘e’ in email marketing should stand for effective because in 2am’s experience, it’s a solid method of drawing consumers to your website. Not only can we construct for you a beautiful template to use again and again to keep in touch with your subscribers, we can develop engaging content to keep them interacting with your website.

Building Your Contact List

A solid database of contacts is invaluable to any business. Start-ups need to build one; thriving companies need to maintain one. Email marketing is a fantastic tool to get your messages to consumers and 2am can help you build, maintain and segment your list to help you better tailor your messages and make sure the right contacts are reading them.

Platforms to Inform the Masses

2am works with Mailchimp as it provides excellent functionally, automation and full integration with ecommerce websites to help track conversions from email marketing campaigns. You can easily manage countless subscribers, construct and test emails and learn to what degree your messages were interacted with.

Design and Content

We can use your existing branding to create a unique email template for you or go the whole nine yards and start from scratch! Either way, you’re guaranteed a stunning layout in which to tailor a message for your audience. However, if you’re a busy business owner, why not let 2am take a whack at it? We can come up with some dazzling copy and content to get your subscribers checking back to your services. Just tell us a little bit about your business and we can do the rest!

Track Interaction

We cannot stress how important tracking interaction is to email marketing. You need to know that your subscribers are picking up what you’re putting down.

Not only can 2am set up campaign tracking so you can see what your contacts are most and least interested in, we can report on campaign success after reviewing important statistics such as open rate, click through rate, conversions and rate of delivery. With this data, our team can give you invaluable advice on what to keep and what to change for future campaigns.

Have a read about one of our successes when we helped get a 2000% ROI and if you’d like to do more with email marketing, contact 2am at .

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