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Content Marketing

How your business presents itself to your potential customers can be just as important as what your products or services are. Consumers want confidence in the companies they do business with and this is achieved through solid content marketing.

Whether its great customer service and interaction over social media, creative blog posts, engaging email campaigns or an all-around unique tone of voice, 2am can provide you with a brilliant content marketing strategy to help your business generate sales from all angles!

The Social Media Revolution

In the age of social media, you’re expected to keep up an entertaining and informative presence across a range of channels, which is easier said than done when you’ve got a lot on your plate already. Instead, why not let 2am have at it? You can’t keep us off Facebook when we’re meant to be getting some shuteye, so use our disjointed sleeping patterns to your advantage!

Don’t Be Content with One Piece of Content

When you’re promoting your brand across a range of online and offline platforms, you need to make sure your message is tailored to each channel. Consumers don’t want to see the same copy and information across every channel you use to communicate with them. They’ll get bored and the message will get boring, losing you followers if people are reading the same few sentences on every platform. 2am don’t copy copy—we perfect it to suit every piece of content so your content marketing is truly unique.

Optimised Content for a Search-Friendly Site

For us, SEO isn’t an afterthought, it’s baked into your site’s content from day one. We’ll build it with search engines in mind, ensuring pages rank for the keywords you want, but without sounding overstuffed and unnatural—a careful balancing act, we’re sure you’ll agree! This same effort is put into each blog post we write for you as well as any additional images, videos and features we include in your website.

With social media use in business only rising, many companies are increasing investment into their content marketing. If you have a concept you want to make a reality or if you want a creative team to think up an amazing idea for you, contact 2am at .

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