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Marketing & Copywriting

It can be difficult to separate your business from the crowd, but with the help of 2am you could finally get that leg-up you need. We’re the bee’s knees when it comes to both online and offline marketing, whether it’s a bespoke poster campaign or getting the most out of Google AdWords.

Offline Advertising

Graphic design forms the foundations here at 2am, so we are no strangers to creating and distributing imaginative print-based advertising. Whether it’s designing a small advert for a local magazine or newspaper, or a large-scale outdoor media campaign, we can help your brand create awareness and target new markets. We can also help you extend your brand with a full range of business stationery, promotional leaflets and posters, premise signage or vehicle livery.

Our copywriter can also help your business with vital PR by writing and distributing imaginative content to relevant magazines and newspapers. This could be in the form of a newsworthy press release, a creative editorial or a custom-designed advertorial.

NHS Sexual Health Campaign

Online Advertising

2am Google Partner

Of course, you can’t get too far without a solid online campaign, and that’s where we really shine. We’re a Google Partner, and ruddy proud of it too, which means we come complete with Google AdWords certification, and the search engine giant likes to make sure we’re keeping up with their customer care best practices.

As well as being tiptop when it comes to advertising your business with AdWords, we’re also well versed in a variety of other pay-per-click platforms as well as those cheeky little remarketing campaigns our clients have come to know and love. Plus, with targeted advertising we can direct your message at exactly who you want, whether they’re on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For us, SEO isn’t an afterthought, it’s baked into your website from day one. We’ll design and build it with search engines in mind, ensuring your pages rank for the keywords you want, but without it sounding overstuffed and unnatural—a careful balancing act, we’re sure you’ll agree!

When it comes to search engine optimisation, we don’t like to use underhand tactics than can potentially damage your brand. Instead, we carry out in-depth keyword research and analysis and weave key terms into creatively written copy. Anyone can stuff a bunch of keywords into a web page, but it takes someone with a keen eye and a keener vocabulary to make it sound good to your customers.

We utilise a fluid range of interlinked strategies to make sure your business continues to rank highly, from incorporating key search terms in the website copy and image tags, to regularly reviewing copy based on changes in your industry, and putting in place a comprehensive posting schedule so that your website always stays fresh and updated nicely for Google and its kin.

Website Analytics

It’s all well and good putting your website online for all the world to see, but how do you know that it’s fulfilling its purpose? We use analytics software, such as Google Analytics, to track the results of your posts, the footprints of your traffic and the success of your marketing campaigns, allowing you to understand what your customers really want.

Site analytics are great for developing market research, tracking where users are coming from to get to your website, what content and features they are using when they get there and what keeps them coming back for more! For e-commerce websites we can also use conversion analytics to understand how users are shopping and what for.

Because we like to put our money where our mouths are, we can even keep track of how users are sharing your content across social media platforms with social analytics, how your mobile and tablet responsive website features are performing and how your marketing campaigns are standing up to scrutiny with advertising analytics.

Carefully Crafted Copy

Just about anyone can write, but not everyone can create beautifully-written content that’ll separate you from your competitors. The copywriting corner of 2am is packed tight with nit-pickers, error-spotters and walking encyclopedias, all hellbent on ensuring that nothing leaves the studio unless it’s bang on the money.

But of course, it’s not just about grammatical accuracy and attention to detail. 2am specialises in creative copy—we don’t just stuff our content with half a dozen keywords and call it a day. We take a look at everything from who your audience is to what the competition is doing in order to craft original, persuasive, creative copy that will exceed your expectations. You’ll never get content that’s copy-pasted until the cows come home with us—everything that leaves the studio will be fit for purpose, whether it’s on a website, a leaflet or the side of an elephant (it might happen).

Think We Could Be the One For You?

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