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Brand Management

We describe ourselves as a full-service branding agency because brand management is at the heart of everything we do. We take great pride in developing branding concepts that capture the essence of your business, that are timeless yet contemporary, and that truly appeal to your target demographics.

Our Experience as Brand Managers

2am takes a very personal approach to all of our branding projects and nothing leaves our studio unless it’s perfect. When we begin the creative process we take into account how the brand we develop will be applied across all marketing materials, both online and offline, to ensure that the outcome is robust, future-proof and forward thinking. Experimenting with new or alternative design and marketing solutions is a fundamental part of what we do and the reason that we have such a strong portfolio of successfully launched brands.

Like Transformers, Your Brand is More Than Meets the Eye

Your branding goes further than just what people think when they first see your logo. Good ol’ Papa Pete has brought us up to think about how the brand we develop will be applied and to ensure that the concepts we produce will lend themselves to a variety of applications including the website, merchandise and ongoing marketing.

Instructions Included

Of course we’re not just going to come up with a spiffy new brand and then ride off into the night. 2am will then create a comprehensive brand guideline document that will showcase the logo in a variety of scenarios and formats to indicate correct usage, including full-colour versions and mono applications. It will also be inclusive of full CMYK, RGB, web and spot colour (where appropriate) breakdowns to ensure that all print and online uses maintain consistency. The brand guidelines will include style guides for producing promotional materials and direction for tone, copy and supporting messages.

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We’ll stop waffling on now, but if you fancy sitting down for a brew and a business meeting, we’re always here (except when we’re at the pub). Email us at and let’s get something going!

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