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Brand Development

At 2am we feel passionate about taking brands to the next level and unlocking their potential through our artistic vision, backed by industry experience and know-how. With over two decades’ experience in developing unique brands, it’s fair to say that we do really know our eggs.

Adding Value to Your Brand

A successful brand is more than just a great logo: it’s the thought process behind every application, the consistency of tone, and the presentation of your values. You might have the most badass logo of a crocodile fighting a bear ever, but without a solid brand identity to back it up you’ll be left wanting.

We pride ourselves on being an agency to be consulted, not just briefed, allowing us to get to the heart of your brand and your business. Throughout the brand development process we constructively challenge our own ideas and those of the client to ensure that the solution we develop is the right one for the target audience. We believe that a proactive approach to branding allows the outcome to truly satisfy the purpose.

Developing Established Brands for the Future

Whether you’re starting a new enterprise or just want a refreshed and revitalised brand, 2am can take the tools you give us and make something really special. We’ll sit down with you and discuss what you want from your new look, then we’ll all put our heads together and come up with some concepts custom-designed to blow your mind!

That’s because 2am has the team and the tools to take your brand to the next level, using our unique artistic vision to provide you with creative solutions that others simply wouldn’t consider.

Brand Development from the Experts

It’s never simply a case of developing your new brand and then riding off into the night with 2am. Good ol’ Papa Pete has brought us up to think about how the brand we develop will be applied, and to ensure that the concepts we produce will lend themselves to a variety of applications including the website, merchandise and ongoing marketing.

We’ll also create a comprehensive brand guideline document that will showcase the logo in a variety of scenarios and formats to indicate correct usage, including full-colour versions and mono applications. It will also be inclusive of full CMYK, RGB, web and spot colour (where appropriate) breakdowns to ensure that all print and online uses maintain consistency. The brand guidelines will include style guides for producing promotional materials and direction for tone, copy and supporting messages.

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