Haardvark Volunteers Needed

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Haardvark Volunteers Needed

Haardvark needs some stressed out volunteers who are business owner/senior managers to join me on some Forest wellbeing trips. The purpose will be to fine tune my new Charity structure and gain valuable feedback to ensure its success.

Forest Healing

The trips will take approximately 2/3hrs and will be at 1 of 3 Forest England sites, Grizedale, Whinlatter or Gizzburn so perhaps best suited for those living or operating in North West or Cumbria.

The course will run over 4 weeks so a total of 4 sessions will be required to complete the course. The course in centred around mental and physical wellbeing so you should feel de-stressed, more focused and both physically and mentally better off by the end of it.

Does this ring a bell?

The Rat Race. The Grind. The Routine. Sixty hour working weeks. Traffic jams. Manufactured meals. Mortgage payments. Deadlines. Being all things to all people. Devices. Devices. Devices.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that you were made for this shit. You weren’t.
You spent millions of years gazing up at the stars. You slept outside. You foraged for food and fished and hunted. You wasted nothing. You built things with your hands. You told stories. You listened to stories. You were a part of something bigger. Life was hard but you had a community. You ran with the pack.

Hardvaark is here to take you back to your roots.

If you fancy a chance to recharge the batteries or know of anyone who could benefit then please DM here on Linkedin for more details or visit:

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