Duckworth Cleaning Machines, Vending Machines & Outdoor Solutions Websites

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Duckworth Cleaning Machines, Vending Machines & Outdoor Solutions Websites

Every website that forms part of the Duckworth’s collective is built with efficiency in mind. Customers from the commercial sector can approach any of their websites and purchase products that are fit for purpose, with ease.

Duckworth Cleaning Machines

Whilst still retaining the heritage of the Duckworth’s brand, this website, with its no frills approach is aimed at a busy commercial sector, where cost, service and reliability are key drivers in purchase decisions. The website aims to direct users to the right cleaning machine for their cleaning requirements – as quickly and efficiently as the machines do the job themselves.

Duckworth Vending Machines

Another addition to the Duckworth’s portfolio, Duckworth Vending Machine and Wholesale Supplies follows in the footsteps of 2am’s successful development and launch of the Outdoor Solutions and Cleaning Machines sites

Taking its lead from these, the Vending Machines site is a clean, easily navigable website which, like its two predecessors, is built on the WordPress platform. Aimed specifically at the publican trade, this website successfully draws together a diverse mix of products and services to provide a cohesive offering to the sector.

Duckworth Outdoor Solutions

The residential and commercial awnings arm of this multi-sector company approached 2am to create two fresh new websites to promote their services to both the domestic and commercial markets.

Although selling largely similar products, the two sites had to appeal to very different audiences whilst still retaining the essence of the Duckworth’s brand. Years of experience and an almost instinctive understanding of brand and brand positioning, led to the development of the websites you see online today; two distinct approaches which have led to a significant increase in sales across both sectors.

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