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Blackpool JSNA Website

The JSNA core documents are a joint venture by Blackpool CCG and Blackpool Council that aims to promote a common understanding of health and wellbeing and the causes of poor health within Blackpool. •

We designed this website to compliment the themes of both the Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group website and the Blackpool Council website. Each brand carries their own significant identity, which has been carried through to the design of this website, whilst adhering to the strict brand guidelines set out by the NHS and Blackpool Council.

The website acts as a hub for core documents relating to the public health concerns in Blackpool. When creating a sitemap and designing the navigational architecture, we had to take into consideration the dual audience requirements. The information present on the site is targeted at both healthcare professionals and members of the public, both of whom have diverse needs and use the information in very different ways.

Core documents are readily available to provide guidance on key healthcare areas such as lifestyle, health and wellbeing, whilst updated documents are archived in the library of reports.

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