Ad Wars: The Beer Brand Strikes Back

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Ad Wars: The Beer Brand Strikes Back

In response to the controversial weight loss advert from Protein World, brands have hit back with their own parodies of the body shaming billboard. And Carlsberg’s is probably the best response in the world •

Marketing campaigns are a difficult game. Sometimes what you think will go viral doesn’t quite connect, or an idea that was a bit of a laugh ends up smashing all known records.

But every marketer’s nightmare is when a campaign goes wrong. Very wrong. I’m talking #Susanalbumparty wrong.

Protein World, the weight loss supplement manufacturer, were something of a footnote in the industry until earlier this month when they launched an advertising campaign depicting an slim bikini model surrounded with the words Are you beach body ready? The Weight Loss Collection.

The advert has sparked controversy from every avenue for its perceived body shaming. A demonstration is due to take place in London tomorrow, and more than 65,000 have signed the petition to have the posters removed.

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