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Baines School Website

Baines High School were keen to transform their existing website into an online experience that provides much more than just a web presence. 2am stripped it back to the bare bones, creating a modern website that combines all the technologies staff and students require to engage with the curriculum.

The key to this website is navigation, ensuring all the content is in the best place for the user. We spent time designing the basic structure, considering the needs of the three core user groups- students, staff and parents. We integrated access to the school’s online learning system, Moodle, and remote access to school emails, to make it simple for staff and students to continue their learning experience away from the grounds.


A library of documents and an online calendar makes it easy for parents to stay informed about school events, and the in-depth information for each curriculum subject at each level of learning allows prospective students to really get a feel for life at Baines.


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