Addison Project, Addison Precision & Addison Engineering Websites

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Addison Project, Addison Precision & Addison Engineering Websites

When Addison came to us, they had a unique problem. With three separate specialities, they wanted to show the advantages of each service, while also identifying as a united company •

The Addison Engineering Company was established in 1980 by Alan Addison, and specialise in project management and engineering support services. Today, the Addison Group now operates 3 distinct businesses: Addison Project, Addison Precision and Addison Engineering. We were tasked with creating three separate websites to exemplify how each business works, while clearly showing they are part of a greater whole.


Each website shares design commonalities, but the layout and personality of each brand is clearly established. The Project site’s home page is contained within a single frame, a candid look that makes it immediately clear what they do and how they do it. Meanwhile, the Precision and Engineering sites feature dynamic horizontal and vertical scrolling, complete with parallaxing graphics and pictures, echoing the technical nature of the business. It is clear to the user at all times which aspect of the brand they are looking at, while simultaneously reinforcing the group as a whole.


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