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Ill let you into a secret…

Its taken years to perfect, to learn and to understand the right path for 2am. This is because when it was bought in 2003 by entrepreneur Pete Stubbs, the landscape of graphic design was moving rapidly. Since then PS has harnessed the technological advances, created in the millennia, but always remained true to his routes. Following an illness in 2016 PS has returned to his routes and carved, another path for the future of 2am – one which he hopes will keep the successful brand alive for another 30 years.

Our inner circle relies on the skilled individuals we have worked with over the years and rather than apply a one size fits all approach, embarks on a journey of creative freedom.

When PS was poorly he remembers thinking about the time he had lost with his family by working late at the office and the stresses caused by managing a large team. He also saw a vision of creative life without the constraints of the four walls and without the cliche environment so many agencies fall into. His vision, wasn’t just for him but for his fellow creatives who also have families and lives he felt needed to be enjoyed.

The new 2am, packs an even bigger creative punch because all of its inhabitants are free; free from the 9 till 5, free from the pointless journeys they could be using to take their kids to school, free from the disruption of office life and free to think and consider its creative approach.

“Im proud of what has emerged and I have grown a new agency experience with only one objective – to express our clients needs with the most creative approach within our means”.


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