99% Paperless

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99% Paperless

It’s taken us a ‘while’ to get here but 2am are now proud to shout out that we are 99% paperless.

With Digital becoming exactly that, why would we be anything else? No longer working in the confinement of four walls, we are free to create in a paperless society. Working with clients all over the country our cybernated industry no longer finds the need for manual intervention and lots of postage stamps.

Time once spent manually putting together documents and files is now better spent focusing on what we do best, being creative. Liaising with clients promptly and more efficiently along the way, communication is faster and more pro-active, all documentation is filed and quickly retrieved and we have finally said goodbye to the stacks of paperwork taking up space on every available desk, it’s far better suited to the cloud.

We totally see the value in going “green”. With global warming and excessive amounts of CO2 polluting the amazing world that we live in, if we can be a part of reducing our carbon footprint and help to cut down deforestation and pollution we can be a part of slowing down global climate change, who wouldn’t want to put that in their hat and blow it! We made a huge step to free ourselves of a cliché working environment allowing us a much more creative freedom so it would have been rather hypocritical of us to do this without also helping our new creative environment. With the societal push towards green living, the paperless office call to action is greater than it has ever been! We’ve even done away with our ever so faithful copier and Vintage fax!

Paper is a marvel of a thing; we are not quite ready to do away with it completely. I mean, what is a design if it is not sketched first? A practice we won’t delete, whatever the tech!

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