2am talks to Lancashire Business View

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2am talks to Lancashire Business View

Our CEO, Peter Stubbs, joins other local business leaders to talk to Lancashire Business View about keeping up with societal trends and growing our county’s digital and creative sector •

We’re not short of creative talent here in Lancashire, that much is true. With an increasing wave of highly qualified techies and skilled creatives leaving local colleges and universities, as well as heaps of raw natural talent, the local digital and creative sector is experiencing massive growth potential. But it’s giving these gifted individuals a reason to stay that’s the sticking point!

Some of the sector’s key individuals, including our very own CEO, Pete, spoke candidly to Lancashire Business View for their September/October 2014 issue article Sector Focus: Digital and Creative‘. As one of numerous creatively bred professionals who has evolved to become a business leader, Pete has always advocated that Preston has a huge role to play in keeping gifted individuals here in Lancashire.

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