2am summer newsletter 2013

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2am summer newsletter 2013

Summer is here and apparently we’re in for a heat wave this weekend, so whilst you’re sat in the garden sipping on your Pimms’s, why not have a catch up with 2am and give our newsletter a read? It’s fully responsive, so there’s no reason not to take your mobile or tablet outside with you and enjoy our newsletter as you soak up the rays •

You can view summer newsletter in all its glory here.

Or you read the news below- you’ll get the gist of it!

10th anniversary re-brand

It’s hard to believe that 2am has been under the management of Pete Stubbs for a whole decade now. Given his young Jesus’ look, you wouldn’t think him old enough. So to celebrate, we decided to freshen up the 2am brand and give our website a whole new look. If you haven’t managed to already, it’s well worth a gander!

As a branding agency by trade, we’ll be the first to tell you that keeping your brand modern and fresh is a business essential and should be considered periodically. As ours demonstrates, you don’t have to be radical, but a few well-considered adaptations can transform your brand.

We carried this through to our new website and really had some fun with the design. Many award websites and design blogs picked up on our creative new layout and rewarded us with several accolades and the kudos of industry experts. We love submitting the sites we build and an award can really boost your online presence.

I got 99 problems but my pitch ain’t one

We love it when we get a chance to be really creative and playful with advertising, as this advert for Easigrass goes to show. The challenge: how do you make your brand stand out in a landscaping magazine, full of pictures of lawns and turf, aimed at young men in the industry? Boobs were of course the first answer, but we’re better than that! And so is the brand. Such a clever concept required a sharp advert, so our tongue-in-cheek homage to the lyrics of a rap classic felt like the perfect way to grab the attention of the audience and stand out from the repetitive content of the magazine.


What’s your number?

If you’ve been wandering through Blackpool lately, you’re likely to have seen the What’s your number?’campaign pasted on the back of buses, the sides of trams and at umpteen bus stops. This is our latest campaign deployed on behalf of Blackpool NHS to encourage residents aged between 40-60 to visit their GP and have their blood pressure checked.

And what a success it’s been! In just over six months, 10,000 people across the Fylde Coast have responded to our call-to-action. As a result, over 1,000 high-risk patients have been identified and are now receiving treatment- avoiding hundreds of preventable heart attacks and strokes and potentially saving the NHS millions of pounds.

Watch the BBC Breakfast feature here.

10for10 Competition

We are carrying on the 10th anniversary celebrations all year with our outrageously generous competition, 10for10. One lucky winner will receive £10,000 worth of our expert branding and marketing services from 2am- yes, you read that right! Fancy your chances? Enter now.

A taste of success

One of our work experience students, Charlie Morten, will have his illustrations on the shelves of supermarkets across the country as our client, Pureety Gourmet Flavours, takes another 2am packaging design to market!

Pear-shaped proverbs

Remember that meeting you had with Pete where he said something totally ridiculous? Now you can regale all your favourite mixed metaphors and irregular idioms with our Peteism generator. Go on, it’ll pass five minutes!

Meet your new account managers

We’d like to introduce you to two new members of the 2am family; meet your new account managers, Nick King and Sheena Aikman. These guys will be your point of contact, your font of knowledge, your all-seeing eye- your 2am gurus.


Future-proof your website

By the end of this year there will be more people browsing your website on a mobile phone or tablet than on a traditional desktop; are you ready to go mobile? Make sure your website users have the ultimate browsing experience. Find out how here.

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