2am Featured in the Blackpool Gazette

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2am Featured in the Blackpool Gazette

Continuing on our quest to make more headlines than Katie Price, our managing director, Pete, has been talking the talk in the local press •

If you click through to the Blackpool Gazette business section, you may well spot a story about your favourite design agency!

In a recent interview, 2am managing director Pete Stubbs has been speaking about where we started, how fast we’ve grown and what’s on the horizon.

As he rightly says, we’ve come through the recession fighting and are now working with more clients than ever. Not to blow our own trumpet, but as a group of creative individuals with a range of skill sets, we’re equipped to handle anything that’s thrown at us (that does sound a bit like we’re trumpet-blowing, doesn’t it?)

While our many satisfied clients will also attest to the hard work we do, it’s nice for the local press to give us our due as well!

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