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For most of you I imagine you didn’t spend the whole of yesterday running round some field, being tongued by some drooling beast that occasionally went for a whiff of your backside. Lucky buggers…

If you’re wondering what on Earth is going on, I suppose I should have mentioned earlier that my name is Barnaby and I’m a one-year-old Cockapoo—chocolate brown- coloured I might add, if any of you ladies are interested. I belong to whoever takes me out on walks most and feeds me the nicest food. At this moment in time it’s Pete and Tracy.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Pete is the CEO here at 2am and with me being his beloved best friend, I decided to give him a hand (that means paw to any of my bitches reading this) by writing a blog about a day in the life of myself.

Rise and Shine

This morning was the same as every other. I woke up on the couch—against house rules—ran upstairs and yapped as loud as I could to wake Pete and Tracy up. They seem to really enjoy it when I do that, especially around 6am. Then I had breakfast, rabbit and tripe jelly (for all you curious food critics), I fermented the garden and got ready for what Pete had to throw at me for the day…a tennis ball.

Dog on a Mission

After our game of fetch, Pete, Tracy and I set off for 2am. I couldn’t wait to see the other guys and pee in my favourite corner of the office because I know how much everyone loves me when I do that. I dashed up, said hello to the guys and settled in my bed next to the treat cupboard. Not long after, all I wanted to do was run up the stairs and back into the office over and over—so I did. After about the fourth time, Pete must have thought I was trying to escape or something, so he ordered me to sit by his side. Kind of wish I peed on the wall now.

Now obviously, I don’t have the ability to create adverts or websites like the rest of team, however today I did actually have a job of my own. Pressures within the office were building up, especially with Matt and Daryl, and I could clearly see the stress was getting to them. So I sat next to them and let them pet my head, which worked a treat. After stroking me, the stress melted away and they were back on track. You can thank me later, lads.

Walkies for Pete

A few hours later, we were heading back home after a hard day’s work. I’d only been back two minutes and Pete already had my lead on ready to take me for a walk—I don’t know where he gets the energy. We walked around the whole block twice and he let me off my lead for a quick run. Luckily I avoided the drooling, backside-sniffing barbarian I encountered yesterday. Thank Dog!

And here I am now, wondering what’s for tea and, more importantly, when it’ll be ready—I’m starving!

Until next time guys!

Barnaby—The World’s First Blog Writing Dog.

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