2017’s Web Design Trends

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2017’s Web Design Trends

Ever since it was first established, the Internet’s evolution has never slowed down. As the years have gone by, the face of the world wide web has changed massively and this has had a serious impact on the design world. Each and every year there seems to be those few key trends that reverberate across the industry, and if our predictions are right 2017 is going to be no exception.

Here’s what we think are going to be the best web design trends of 2017—enjoy!

Brands Adopting a Mobile-First Approach

As 2am has done for years, many companies have now started building websites mobile upwards. With all the websites we create, we start with how they display on phones first, then we move up to tablets, then desktops. This method is beneficial because it ensures all key features will remain on the website no matter what device is used!

Slump of Stock Imagery

2017 – The Year of Bespoke Photography? It seems that stock images, always the trusty tool of a skilled graphic designer, will be facing more competition than ever from custom images.

As a forward-thinking agency (if we do say so ourselves), we’ve always offered bespoke photography services to give your website or campaign that truly unique feel. But that’s not to discredit stock imagery at all—John and Dan can turn the most humdrum of stock images into stunning marketing materials that ensure you remain on brand. But as for stock footage, that might be a bit more challenging…

360° Video

With the rise of virtual reality making a massive impact in the world of technology, it seems to be having a similar effect within the web design world. Many companies, including BMW, have been using 360° videos which give viewers an interactive, immersive experience.

Big Bold Text

Typography is one of the most vital features when looking at a website—it’s what draws the attention of the viewer. It allows you to get your message across as well as setting the tone for your company.

We expect to see a lot of big, ‘in your face’ text this year as companies will be focusing on getting their messages across as simply as possible.

Dark Backgrounds

Many companies have started using darker backgrounds with contrasting coloured font to make a page more eye-catching to anyone reading. The use of big, bold text also makes it even easier to read when there is a dark background behind it.

As the previous years had websites with basic, white background designs, it’s nice to see the dark backgrounds making a return as we think they can make a site look very sleek and professional.


In the work we did for ‘Air’ skate park, we selected a black background with a contrasting white logo, and it looks awesome!

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